Who We Are

Golden Funeral Home is this areas oldest established funeral home, having it's beginnings in the early 1920's. During these years,  we have developed a personal trust with the citizens of Northeast Louisiana based on honesty and good Christian values. As we proceed into the future, we will continue to serve you through these adopted principles.

INDEPENDENCE...We are an independently owned business having a vested interest in serving the community where we live and work:We believe in neighbors serving neighbors.

FAIRNESS...Fairness in human relations occurs as a direct result of a fundamental belief:That respect for the individual is the key factor in quality of service.

EXCELLENCE...Success measures its self by the standards of others:Excellence sets the standards to which others aspire.

PROFESSIONALISM...True professionalism goes beyond the bottom line. It is a constraint reaffirmation of a simple value:Care as much for others as you would care for yourself.

INTEGRITY...The quality of our relationships with others is guided by integrity:Money can't buy it, power can't corrupt it, fear can't spoil it. It is a simple hard-headed devotion to what is right.